Resophonic and acoustic slide instruments
Thank you for visiting Fluger guitars. I offer several models of resophonic and acoustic slide instruments which I personally build,a few at a time in my shop. Each insturument is given my full attention and care from start to finish. I prefer and enjoy working very closley with my customers in order to ensure that each one recieves the instrument that exactly fits his or her desires in every way.

Starting with my standard models, together we can add any custom touches which you might want in order to create a guitar that is uniquely yours.


I have been working on and playing guitars for over fifty years and building various types for about twenty, so I feel that I know from that experience what goes into making a good guitar. My guitars are owned and used by many satisfied customers through out the world and can be heard on many of the top hit songs played on radio and television.

  Continue on thru our site and see pictures and information on some of the most inventive instruments in the market place today, including the new Fluger\ Marrs resophonic guitar simulator models.    I have all replacement parts for Reso guitars in stock and almost always have used trade-ins available at very reasonable prices. If you order a custom made instrument,the wait is usually about three months however, I have at most times, two or three standard models available with little or no waiting.



All instruments are handcrafted by me personally in a number of styles and appointments utilizing the highest quality materials and parts available.

All resophonic instrument feature soundwell construction, quarterman cones, number 14 spiders, ebony fret boards, high quality metal parts, Grover mini rotomatic machines, bone nut, ebony cap maple inserts, satin or high gloss finish and hard shell case.

Standard models offer the same great sound as advanced or custom instruments but at a lower cost. The advanced and custom guitars are all based on the standard models but with more fancy appointments and options such as: exotic woods, more inlay work, multi-ply or wood bindings, more expensive metal parts, etc. The increased cost is of course for additional material and labor to build.


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